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At Granate Reality Insurance Agency, we offer a range of insurance solutions designed to protect what matters most to you. We understand that insurance can be complex and confusing, which is why our team of experienced agents is here to help you navigate the process and find the right coverage for you.


Medical Insurance

This is a medical insurance product designed to cover individuals and families. Peace of mind comes from knowing you and your family are covered and protected by the best private health insurance cover.

Motor Insurance

These will include Saloons, Station wagons, Estates, and the large Four Wheel Drives (4X4). The key aspect of these vehicles is that they must be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

Group Life Cover

Group life insurance is a coverage that provides a single contract for a group of individuals, such as employees or members of an organization, with the policy owner being an employer or entity.

Personal Accident Cover
Personal Accident Cover

This cover compensates the insured for visible physical injuries sustained in accidents, providing financial assistance during periods of reduced income or increased expenses due to disability, hospitalization, or death.

Employers Liability I
Employer's Liability
Employer’s Liability policy protects against legal liability under Common Law for employee lawsuits, covering claimant’s costs, expenses, and damages, shielding employers from financial loss and reputational damage.
Travel Insurance

As international travel grows, so do the associated risks, and with the high cost of medical care abroad, travel insurance is essential for any traveller seeking to mitigate potential financial losses.

Professional Indemnity
Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Policy covers legal awards, defense costs, lost documents, and expenses resulting from professional errors, providing financial security for businesses and their clients.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance pays off a borrower’s debt if they die before the loan is repaid. This life policy is designed to provide financial protection to the borrower’s dependents in such an event.

Domestic Package
This is a package cover designed specially for your residence. It is arranged to cater for almost everything you have worked hard for in your household including; furniture, clothing, electronics etc.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee insurance provides coverage against losses incurred due to dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees that result in the loss of money or goods from business premises.

Work Injury Benefits Act

WIBA is a policy that provides statutory benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or diseases, and compensates employers for legal liability for such injuries.

Fire Perils Cover
Fire & Perils Cover

The Fire Policy offers basic coverage for damage or destruction of insured property due to fire, lightning, or explosion of domestic appliances, providing financial protection to the policyholder.

Sportsman Policy 2
Sportsman Policy

The Sportsman Insurance Policy provides coverage for sports enthusiasts, compensating them for damage or loss of their sports equipment due to theft or accidental damage while engaging in their sport.

All Risk
All Risk
Providing coverage for loss or damage to insured property, this policy includes protection against fire, theft, and accidental damage, excluding only those risks excluded in the policy.
Group Last Expense Cover

Group Last Expense Cover covers funeral expenses upon demise of the insured or their dependents.

Golfer’s Insurance

Golfer’s Insurance provides you with a cover against accidents on the golf course or within the club premises.

Pension Plan

The Group Personal Pension fund is made for businesses and accommodates several employees under one employer who decide to contribute different amounts every month.

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